A collection made of 100% pure leather characterized by high quality and artisan finishes, original details and unusual variations that express the whole essence of contemporary man. Accessories suitable to last over time that express all the aspects of your personality, such as suede or hammered leather. From business to ceremony, from jeans to classic suit, Liu Jo UOMO belts are created to define and to make unique every look with the style and personality of the wearer.

  • Denim Suede Denim Suede
    Denim Suede 56,00 28
  • Fume Belt Fume Belt
    Fume Belt 56,00 28
  • Mart Belt Mart Belt
    Mart Belt 56,00 28
  • Rock Belt Rock Belt
    Rock Belt 56,00 28
  • Rock Rete Rock Rete
    Rock Rete 56,00 28
  • Vintage Belt Vintage Belt
    Vintage Belt 68,00 34