Archive Lookbook FW 2018

Into the Blue

In the deepest part of yourself, an intense blue is hiding, which, beyond mystery and introspection, leaves a remarkable memory of the wearer. Into the blue is a silent glance at men’s day by day, which makes the inspirations real, in the contemporary and speedy life of the city.

Silver Sand

The city is the harbor of dreams, of certainties; time passes quickly but marks the character of those who learn to live it. Silver Sand goes through the short nights, the full days; it goes up the skyscrapers and the grey of the asphalts. It reflects itself in the shop windows, following the lights of a city that never stops.

Black Sugar

Elegance is a lifestyle, you can find it in thoughts, in gestures, in choices made, in promises kept. The talent wears an exclusive personality and in perfect details, which only elegance can fit properly: this is how Black Sugar was born.

Aspen Green

The athleisure is getting ready for a new challenge, for a season where the city is the field in which to play its own game. A mood that marks the meeting point between lifestyle and sport, a goal of dynamic inspirations and stylistic research: Aspen Green is movement, creativity, aspiration and Mr. Right knows the right rhythm.

Rock Ink

Every new day it’s a new challenge: the charm of speediness, of discovery, the pleasure of risk, a jump into the void to land always on the highest step. Rock Ink is the decisive character of the urban look, the switch of style that follows always the right rhythm.

Denim in Town

Sharing a point of view, laughing without thinking, enjoying the taste of ambitions and to toast for those which become real. Between the casual and the detail, irony and charm, Denim in Town was born.