Archive Lookbook SS 2018

Biker Indigo

Iconic looks dress strong personalities. The leather jacket softly falls on the shoulders: these are unique details that make the difference. The athleisure now appears chic in the shadow of the skyscrapers. The sports-wears are transformed and adapted to the hectic pace of the city.

Stylish Grey

Other Times style for the modern gentlemen.The famous cobblestones of Brera make a unique sound and when you are walking on them, a symphony comes out. A trench beats the rhythm sliding on a light wool blazer; the eye sees pinstripe and anthracite. The feeling is familiar and reminds of a gentleman of the past.

Etnic Tones

The desire for vacation becomes urban style. The days are hot like in in Africa, they burn at the edges revealing the colors of etnic spices. The body looks for a shelter in the freshness of linen, in wonderful colors, in details that evoke exotic and fascinating destinations. It is the intensity of the Mediterranean transformed into an urban style, while the appeal of travelling and sunshine flows on the skin.

Summer Stripes

The breeze of freedom that enhances your style. The evening anticipates the sunset, bodies refreshed by linen and silk get ready for the arrival of darkness as sailors before sailing. The male physicality emerges between the lines and the pastel colors it is wrapped by. A new time is starting, made of unexpected meetings and informal dinners, expected parties and surprising encounters, like a journey without departures that always takes to the right place.