Archive Lookbook SS 2017

Nautical Design

Nautical Design was born from the perfect combination among the sporting world, modern design, architecture and sport. Red accents lighten the blue palettes to create overcoats, sleeveless double and reversible jackets inspired by the globe of the sail and re-interpreted in a modern and urban key.


Camo Studio

Camo Studio tells a modern story made of metropolitan atmospheres where sporting details, such as net liners and zippers made of rubber combine themselves with urban elements and camouflage fantasies. A modern, active and dynamic man who loves to mix distinctive styles and choose the most suitable one at any time of his day.


Match Point

Freedom, dynamism and sport. Liu Jo UOMO Match Point will bring you into a world of English atmospheres made of green meadows and sunny afternoons. A lively collection translated into iconic garments, such as t-shirts and shirts, which re-propose textures and prints inspired by the world of tennis and more lively shades such as lime and electric blue.

Rive Gauche

Rive gouche tells an urban fairy tale inspired by Parisienne charm and fashion, where light fabrics and elements linked to the travel world create fascinating combinations. An essential style, created for the modern and sophisticated urban explorer, who is, constantly, looking for details.

Cape Code

Cape Code is a story of travelling and freedom born from the desire of exploring far away destinations. America and oceans are the inspiration source of the collection dominated by tones of navy blue, ocean blue and caramel.

Colonial Sage

Colonial Sage is a tale of adventures in fascinating and distant lands, inspired by far away landscapes, distant from metropolitan atmospheres. Exotic influences translated into a color world that goes from sage to military green, brightened by the natural shades of white, and translated into a sophisticated iconic set, such as linen trousers, shirts and kaftans.