Stylish Grey

12:30 pm

The grit remains, but the face appears more relaxed.
The appeal is unique, and it is branded Stylish Grey.

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The famous cobblestones of Brera make a unique sound and when you are walking on them, a symphony comes out. A trench beats the rhythm sliding on a light wool blazer; the eye sees pinstripe and anthracite. The feeling is familiar and reminds of a gentleman of the past.

Stylish Grey - Portrait

iconic item Trench Plus

The trench leaves its reflection in the rear-view mirror of a car while the city is moving around. Elegant, versatile, water and life proof, it slides softly on the shoulders and traces gracefully the wearer’s shapes. The iconic outerwear par excellence gives rigor to every look, telling far away stories of a timeless style.

The shape of time

Today’s Milan looks a lot like Milan many years ago, and the look of Liu Jo UOMO naturally imitates the spirit of the city.

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