ClothingSweatshirts and T-shirts


Energy and dynamism contaminate the male wardrobe with choices of style that surprise and reinterpret the elegance of the Liu Jo man. Sweatshirts and t-shirts become pieces to mix and match to give life to original and informal, sporty and at the same time refined looks. The sweatshirt revives in new textures and fabrics, proposing comfortable and versatile trends, to wear even on a classic outfit to surprise and refresh your look.

  • Sport Chiny Sport Chiny
    Sport Chiny 102,00 51,00
  • Sweat Cut Sweat Cut
    Sweat Cut 68,00 34,00
  • Denim Logo Denim Logo
    Denim Logo 45,00 22,5
  • Pyramids Pyramids
    Pyramids 45,00 22,5
  • Rock Logo Rock Logo
    Rock Logo 45,00 22,5
  • Rock Palace Rock Palace
    Rock Palace 45,00 22,5
  • Sport Snake Sport Snake
    Sport Snake 45,00 22,5