Quality, Innovation and Made in Italy

The Liu Jo man is fashion conscious, but without excess, carefully choosing his clothing, mixing style with comfort and creating a multifunctional wardrobe suitable for a life on the move. He is a man that loves to explore different styles, from casual/sportswear, passing through urban street and business/classic, choosing the most appropriate for every occasion.



In 2012 Marco Marchi, together with his brother Vannis, founders of the Liu Jo brand in Carpi, and Giuseppe Nardelli, founder and owner of the historical distribution company Co.Ca.Ma. reached a license agreement to produce and distribute a new brand of men’s clothing: Liu Jo UOMO.

Located in the textile district of Nola (Naples), the company occupies 3,000 square meters of space, which includes the administration of ces and the CED (data processing centre) and currently employs 340 professionals, including employees and associates.

Alongside the current presence in Italy, by 2018, the company plans to reach their target of one hundred million Euros of global turnover. Abroad, currently Liu Jo UOMO is distributed in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East, while it is present with direct affiliation stores in Germany, Belgium and Spain.

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    340 employees
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    63 million Euros of turnover
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    60 stores


With large well designed retail areas, whose character reflects the style of the brand, the Liu Jo UOMO stores respond to the different consumer purchasing styles and habits of a man who is conscious of his personal style.

Liu Jo UOMO Stores differentiated themselves in terms of location and approach:

  • Flagship store,boutiques located in the historic centres of the cities that provide an assisted and rewarding shopping experience;
  • Regular store,shops located within big shopping centres, where the large retail areas allow an easy and quick shopping experience;
  • Outlet Store, in outlet villages, where the consumer can find basic products from the previous collection at a very competitive price.

A streamlined sales organization and a ductile retail chain are the secrets of the success of Liu Jo UOMO.


Thanks to a well balanced mix of production partners, Liu Jo UOMO is able to offer consumers garments of excellent manufacture. The Premium collections are entrusted to skilled partners, who use manual and artisan Made in Italy processes, while garments with a high turnover in the stores are produced by partners using highly industrialized processes.


The Liu Jo UOMO style is characterized by garments with a modern but not extreme wearability: a relaxed look for a man who loves to mix different collections and create the right out t for every occasion.The collections range from formal to smart casual and are completed by the Denim collection, one of the Liu Jo UOMO best sellers.

Jeans are Made in Italy with Italian fabrics, featuring natural nishings, a discreet but iconic customization, and with exclusive and accurate details such as the patented back pockets.