Right for You


#Mr Right

For people who find their dreams and ambitions in the reality but in the future even more. For those who change direction but never the route, travel faster than others and see things from the right perspective. For people who have a good story to tell but still have to finish writing it.

I have great expectations. I look for the beauty along the illuminated streets, in the details reflected by a mirror, in new surprises, in people. I know how to stay at the rules, but I have chosen to rewrite them. And this is only the beginning of the journey,

Ambitious, surprising and refined: Welcome Mr.Right, protagonist of the FW18 Liu Jo UOMO campaign and of another story of style.

Wear your rules

From tailored coats to classic suits till the rock soul of pure leather that meets the eternal denim, while the colors of fine knitwear light up with contrasts: the nowadays dandy wears a modern elegance, casual and sophisticated, elegance, characterized by a timeless essence, where the iconic male garments are rediscovered in a contemporary form.

A balance between comfort and coolness, contaminations of style that erase the boundaries, to draw unprecedented horizons.


The Future starts now

A man who lives his outfits as a story to tell, through a surprising charm, because it is his own charm and nobody else’s. Liu Jo UOMO and Mr. Right start from here, where excellence and creativity meet each other; the urban character and the elegance communicate and the present is only an impulse towards tomorrow.