The athleisure is getting ready for a new challenge, for a season where the city is the field in which to play its own game. A mood that marks the meeting point between lifestyle and sport, a goal of dynamic inspirations and stylistic research: Aspen Green is movement, creativity, aspiration and Mr. Right knows the right rhythm.

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Just Move

Just Move Running towards success, in the launch of ambition. Mr. Right travels, looks for the victory going up the streets to reach the highest point and wondering how to go forward. The collection approaches the world of sportswear, surprising with refined alpine inspirations, in a choice of colors which go from green bottle to a curry color up to the classic and intense shades of black. The bright tones of knitwear and sweatshirts are enriched with elaborate ribbed textures, contrasting stripes that follow the length of the garment. Precious sweaters and sporty bombers rewrite the codes of the urban day by day, which are enhanced by technical sky clothing details. An excellent traveler who lives every moment of the day as an all-in-one experience.

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Bomber Vertigo

The iconic value of the bomber leaves a distinctive trait along the streets and the incessant rhythm of the city. A garment that interprets the athletic characteristics of Aspen Green, to recognize itself in the needs of comfort and movement. Electric blue is a vibration of creativity, the chromatic vertigo that colors the simplicity of the garment.

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