Elegance is a lifestyle, you can find it in thoughts, in gestures, in choices made, in promises kept. The talent wears an exclusive personality and in perfect details, which only elegance can fit properly: this is how Black Sugar was born.

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The Modern Worker

A successful man who does not lose his aspiration, enthusiasm and the desire to put himself out there. Mr. Right is today's Modern Worker, which rewrites the code of business clothing through contemporary charm. Classic masculine fabrics such as houndstooth, check, herringbone is enriched by zippers along the legs or timeless coats. A confident man who feels comfortable, thanks to the selection of fabrics that characterize the sweaters, turtlenecks and sweatshirts that embrace all the shades of black and grey. Classic trousers and leather biker; there is an absolute balance between formal and casual, which completes the style of the wearer. Black Sugar is movement and independence, thanks to the jersey and the stretch materials of jackets and trousers that can be freely combined.

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The Perfect Coat

A focused collection which becomes an icon. Essential during the cold days of this new season. Liu Jo UOMO revisits the coat, choosing the classic male models of double-breasted, herringbone or bouclé, in an easier version made of technical fabric, which makes it perfect for any occasion. For an important appointment or an informal dinner meeting; the only standards to follow are the ones that make feel comfortable.

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