the Blue

In the deepest part of yourself, an intense blue is hiding, which, beyond mystery and introspection, leaves a remarkable memory of the wearer. Into the blue is a silent glance at men’s day by day, which makes the inspirations real, in the contemporary and speedy life of the city.

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The Skyline

A search in the most remote part of yourself, in a new dimension, symbol of introspection, reflection and strength that delineates the hidden and inspiring traits of Mr. Right. Features that are found in the choice of fabrics, ribbed velvets, warm wools, flat bouclé coats that complete the winter looks. The shades of blue cross this collection like an overwhelming wave, that between contrasts and tones on tone, tells another story, your one. Even footwear evolves, finding space for hybrid models such as the mountain boot in an elegant version, suitable for city life. Once again, the protagonist of this collection can draw inspiration from distant worlds to create an exclusive and contemporary urban look.

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The Towncoat

A tribute to the late winter, to the charm of the cold and still landscapes that make the city a unique glimpse, though temporary. Town coat, head of the collection, in the perfect composition of its intense dark blue, enriches this Fall / Winter collection with an urban switch of absolute quality. The wool double-breasted jacket finds a diagonal weave in the fabric, which enhances the shawl neck and its comfortable fit. It is a journey into the sartorial world, where the city flows, like the current, but there is always a safe harbor which makes you feel at home.

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