Every new day it’s a new challenge: the charm of speediness, of discovery, the pleasure of risk, a jump into the void to land always on the highest step. Rock Ink is the decisive character of the urban look, the switch of style that follows always the right rhythm.

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Break the Rules

The sound of the engine, the wind that caresses his leather jacket, fast towards tomorrow: Mr. Right writes new rules, always going faster than the others. Rock Ink explores its intriguing character, on the dark chromatic notes that go from black to grey: the leather biker that reveals the sweater together with a regular fit jean, are iconic style vibrations but always with a new appeal. A free spirit, sometimes brash, that always makes the first step with the total black rock ankle boot, combining a decisive and unconventional mood with the merit of the materials used: New Man means a continuous discovery.

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Leather Biker

Shades of gloom in a decisive character take shape in the iconic Biker: genuine Italian leather completely made in Italy, combined with comfortable jeans. The stylistic research keeps on using warm materials, such as sheepskin, which make the timeless jacket a precious winter must-have.

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