The city is the harbor of dreams, of certainties; time passes quickly but marks the character of those who learn to live it. Silver Sand goes through the short nights, the full days; it goes up the skyscrapers and the grey of the asphalts. It reflects itself in the shop windows, following the lights of a city that never stops.

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Winter Feelings

The winter cold unveils an urban and cosmopolitan side, which Mr. Right interprets with an inspiring awareness, mixing the athleisure and the formal styles in a perfect way. Light grey, white, camel and beige are the protagonists of the border, where more intense shades manage to coexist with neutral colors in perfect balance. Jogging trousers in fine wool, the match between technical bombers and sporty sweatshirts, the fine coats and the practical round necked sweaters, show how the comfort of the athletic garment can be transformed into elegance, thanks to noble fabrics and to a new point of view.

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Desert Issue

A new cut, the meeting point between a special occasion and the everyday life: the coat rediscovers the intense and warm tones of the desert, for the New Man who praises the classic male elegance in a modern way. The camel coat shows its timeless characteristics in a contemporary look, thanks to the new length that gives it a more informal and innovative attitude. Between a jacket and a long coat, the protagonist of the collection presents itself in a new version, making possible the union between work and free time, between day and night: a perfect balance that allows man to be, in every moment, simply himself.

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