Privacy Policy

CO.CA.MA. Srl, a company with its registered office in Via Arenaccia 128 – 80141 – Naples, Italy, is the exclusive licensee of the LIU JO UOMO brand in the EMEA area (Europe, Middle East, Africa).


CO.CA.MA. Srl informs you that the data provided by every individual – both while using this website and in the circumstances specified below – shall be processed within the terms described below, which make up the “Policy” pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30/06/2003 (Personal Data Protection Code, hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Code”).


The Controller of the data processing covered by this Policy is CO.CA.MA. Srl, a company with its registered office in Via Arenaccia 128 – 80141 Naples, Italy, which can also be contacted by writing to the following email address:


CO.CA.MA. Srl collects various types of personal data from users of this website, from its customers, from those wishing to subscribe to our newsletter, and from the holders of various types of Cards issued by the company. This data is always processed in accordance with the rights to privacy of the persons concerned, while guaranteeing the necessary measures laid down by the Code regarding the protection of personal data and the various measures of the Guarantor on this subject.

2.1. Mandatory data

2.1.1. It is mandatory to provide certain personal data to be able to carry out the specific requests of the concerned parties: the parties shall remain free not to provide the personal data requested, however, this could prevent CO.CA.MA. Srl from fulfilling the request it receives, completing the online purchasing process, or otherwise meeting the needs of the concerned parties.

2.1.2. It is necessary to provide personal data to:

– subscribe to our newsletter (email address);

– register on our website by opening of a personal account (name, surname, postal code, country, email address, password);

– purchase products and services on our website (name; surname; shipping address with street, town, postal code, province, country; phone number, email address, password, credit card details);

– grant any Cards bearing names (full name);

– provide the full benefits reserved for holders of certain cards issued by CO.CA.MA. Srl (data relating to purchases made and overall spending over time).

2.1.3. This data will be processed exclusively for management and administrative purposes, to meet the specific requests of the concerned parties, by both paper and electronic means, and will be stored exclusively at CO.CA.MA. Srl so long as the concerned parties keep their personal account on the website, keep their newsletter subscription or Card bearing their name, subject to any other storage timeframes imposed by law. After said storage timeframes have elapsed, the personal data shall be automatically deleted or made permanently anonymous.

2.2. Optional data

2.2.1. CO.CA.MA. Srl also requests optional data, for which the concerned parties’ consent is requested, which they can choose whether to provide or not. This may be through the use of this website (in the various forms present: newsletter subscription, new personal account registration), as well as when purchasing a product at a store, by completing the Customer registration form in paper or digital format.

2.2.2. In particular, it is optional to provide (and consent to the processing of) data requested for marketing purposes (commercial communications and advertising other than the newsletter, direct sales proposals, market research) and profiling purposes (establishing individual or group profiles, customer segments with similar characteristics and consumer propensities).

2.2.3. Where consent is not provided for the above purposes, this shall have no effect on the ability to subscribe to the newsletter, place an online purchase, open a personal account on the website or hold and use a customer card issued by CO.CA.MA. Srl (each according to the specific “Terms of Use”).

2.2.4. In particular, this data may be, depending on the case: name, sex, date of birth or age, complete address, telephone number, email address, occupation, favourite magazine, other preferences or consumption habits.

2.2.5. For the same marketing and profiling purposes, the request for consent may also include, as seen above, the request to process the mandatory data already provided for other purposes. However, where no consent is provided for marketing and/or profiling purposes, the personal data otherwise provided shall never be processed by CO.CA.MA. Srl for said purposes.

2.2.6. The only exception to the above-mentioned rule is established by Article 130 of the Privacy Code, which provides that in relation to promotional activities carried out by e-mail, consent is not necessary where the products and services are similar to those purchased and the concerned party has not refused such use, be it initially or when sending subsequent communications.

2.2.7. Where consent is given to process personal data for the purposes of profiling and/or marketing, such data will be processed using both paper and electronics means. The personal data processed for these purposes may be linked to purchase data (products purchased, individual and total spending, etc.), both online and in retail stores. The data collected for profiling and/or marketing purposes shall be stored by CO.CA.MA. Srl.

2.3. Browsing data

During normal operation, the IT systems and software procedures that operate this website collect certain personal data, which is implicitly transmitted through the use of internet communication protocols.

This information is not collected with the intent of associating it with identified users but, by its own very nature, could lead to the identification of users through processing and association with data held by third parties.

This category includes IP addresses or domain names of the computers used to connect to the website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, time of the request, method used to submit the request to the server, size of the file obtained in response, numerical code indicating the server response status (successful, error etc.) and other parameters pertaining to the user’s operating system and IT environment.

This data is used only to obtain anonymous statistical information about website usage and to check its correct functioning; it is deleted immediately after processing. The data could be used to ascertain liability in the event of any computer crimes against the website: currently, except for this possibility, data concerning web contacts shall not be kept for more than seven days.


Given that cookies are relevant to various points in this Policy, in this section, we provide in-depth information on the subject.

2.4.1. What is a cookie?

Cookie are pieces of information that a website puts on your computer when you visit a website, and usually involves the transmission of information from the website (or other websites that work on our behalf) to your device and vice versa. For further information about cookies, please visit two specialised websites: and http: //

2.4.2. What are the types of cookies that may be used?

The cookies our website uses fall into the categories below.

Strictly necessary cookies:

These cookies are essential to be able to navigate our website correctly and to display the content in your language as of your first visit. Necessary cookies are essential to ensure the use of requested services such as logging in and managing your orders.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are used to store the choices you make (language preference, country or other online settings) and to provide you with the customized or optimized features you have selected. Functionality cookies can be used to provide online services or to prevent you from being offered services you have refused in the past.

These cookies are not essential to the operation of the site, but significantly improve the quality of service and browsing experience.

Analytical cookies

These cookies have statistical purposes only and are used as analysis tools for the major search engines. The results of these analyses trace how users browse the website through computers and mobile applications, the number of pages visited or the number of clicks on a page while browsing. The data is processed anonymously and only for statistical purposes.

Promotional or targeting cookies

These promotional cookies are placed on your browsing device by us (or by service providers acting on our behalf) and allow you to display banner ads on other sites, showing the latest products you have seen on the Liu Jo Uomo website.

While browsing our website, these cookies are also used to show products which you might like or which are similar to those you have looked at in the past, based on your browsing history. Normally, the use of these cookies does not involve processing personal data, but can make it possible to connect to your computer or other devices and trace the saved data: these cookies connect to the browser installed on your computer or on other devices used while browsing our website.

2.4.3. Enabling or disabling cookies

There are several ways to manage cookies.

From the homepage of our website, in the banner (inset) that you are shown. If you do not make any selection, the banner will stay visible.

By changing your browser settings, you can accept or reject cookies, or choose which categories of cookies to accept and which to refuse, or choose to receive a warning before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. You can also delete all cookies installed in your browser’s cookie folder. Please note that, here also, disabling cookies altogether in the browser may mean that you are unable to use all our interactive features.

If you use multiple computers in different locations, be sure that each browser is set up with your preferences.

Each browser has different procedures for managing settings. Click on one of the links below for specific instructions.

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

If you do not use any of the browsers listed above, select “cookies” in the relevant section of the guide to find out where your cookie folder is.


3.1. Individuals in charge of data processing

The following individuals may become aware of the personal data referred to in this policy, as individuals responsible or appointed to process data: Managers of Marketing, E-commerce, Retail, Administration and Accounting, Legal, IT Systems, Customer Care, as well as employees working at the relevant offices and Liu Jo Uomo store employees, each limited to their own area of competence and tasks based on their assigned tasks and instructions.

3.2. Data disclosure (to established external parties)

CO.CA.MA. Srl, for ordinary management, accounting and administrative purposes, and within the limitation of the data and purposes referred to in paragraph 3.1., may disclose, in accordance with specific minimum security measures, personal data to:

– Group companies;

– third-party suppliers for the sole purpose of providing the requested service;

– postal service companies;

– banking institutions and financial intermediaries;

– legal and notary firms;

– consultants, including associations;

– service companies;

– and to other parties in compliance with any legal obligations.

The data processed for the purposes referred to in section 3.2. may be disclosed – while respecting specific security measures – to third parties who are specially appointed as data managers or agents and who CO.CA.MA. Srl may use for various services (postal services, technical and IT support, etc.).

3.2. Data dissemination (to unestablished external parties)

In no case shall the personal data covered by this policy be disseminated.


At any time, the Customer may exercise his/her rights in relation to the Data Controller – pursuant to Article 7 of the Privacy Code – i.e. obtain confirmation of the existence of any personal data concerning him/her, as well as find out its content and origin, verify its accuracy or request that it be supplemented, updated or corrected. Pursuant to the same article, the Customer also has the right to request the deletion, transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as to object to the processing of data for legitimate reasons.

To exercise such rights, or to receive any information in this regard, requests should be sent:

– by email to the following address:

– by regular mail to CO.CA.MA. Srl – Via Arenaccia 128 – 80141 – Naples, Italy