Etnic Tones

6:30 pm

The sun is already high in the sky. Etnic Tones turn it into
a daydream in the colors of Marrakech.

The desire for vacation becomes urban style.

The days are hot like in in Africa, they burn at the edges revealing the colors of etnic spices. The body looks for a shelter in the freshness of linen, in wonderful colors, in details that evoke exotic and fascinating destinations. It is the intensity of the Mediterranean transformed into an urban style, while the appeal of travelling and sunshine flows on the skin.

iconic item ETNIBOMB PLUS

The cotton jacket, soft and shining, stands out in the wardrobe. White as the color of summer in the city or the sand of the first day at sea. DA jacket you can always take with you to play in advance with a season so expected and so unpredictable.

Sparkling personality

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