Acid Waves

The French coast is the landing place, although the ambitions remain in the city: serenity and a desire for the sea, in the season when colours, like emotions, seem to explode with life. Waves of strong contrasts, where the acid tones of yellow and blue come together in looks that are full of enthusiasm and joie de vivre. The polo shirts and shirts are enhanced by the lightweight nature of the light grey trousers and denim bermudas.

By his Nature

You can hear the sea from here: linen is the natural fibre that imposes itself in the men’s summer wardrobe, interweaving holiday dreams with urban looks with a strong appeal. From long trousers to Bermuda shorts, via delicate jackets and fresh knitwear, linen transforms the city into a maritime view, where modern, casual and sophisticated elegance is the signature style of this picture-postcard season.


Agosto 2019, 6 pm

Summer always colours outside the lines.