Glass Wind

In the open sea, cool colour waves invade the urban wardrobe with a new force. The nautical style reconfirms its timeless elegance even on dry land, guided by the route of innovation. The polo shirts, striped patterns and nylon jackets like the white Fill Jacket cross the world of sailing until landing in the urban days: a high tide of character, out of the blue.

It’s time to Leather

Even fine leather is dipped in midnight blue, in a biker jacket with a simple, essential cut that alternates with the grey cotton on the reverse side: a design that changes over the days, without ever altering its appeal. A timeless jacket, able to evolve like the sea, following the desires that the new season brings back to the surface.

Atlantic Ocean

April 2019, 6.30 am

Can you feel that the wind has changed?
The right wave has already arrived.