Panama Moon

In the deep red of the Grand Canyon, to the forgotten world of distant peoples. Tribal prints on imperceptible sweaters paired with sand-coloured linen trousers, elegant brick or mud-coloured jackets, which abandon formality for soft wearability, which smell of freedom. Panama Moon is a frame from a Hollywood western, the charm of an America that overcomes the endless expanses and reaches urban days on the wings of a Smart Urban style.

Freedom Suits You

Freedom is the true elegance of masculine charm. Special occasion style breaks the limits of formal code thanks to lightweight suits in petrol green, pink, mud and tobacco that interrupt, to mix with each other. The micro-checked and herringbone patterns make each garment unique and independent, for unexpected new combinations. The suit is nothing more than the perfect occasion to be yourself.


July 2019, 3 pm

I thought it was the moon and instead it is the earth that is incredible.