Tropical Way

A Wild Southeast Asia designs colonial-style garments, which in the city become an example of comfort and dynamism, between personal ambitions and dreams to be brought to life. Here we find the multi-pocket cargo pants, the cotton parka and the jacket that tell of a spring inspired by the tropical forest, which is shown in shades of blue, khaki and olive green and in denim enriched with bold washes.

for the Rain

The waterproof Tropical Parka takes its inspiration from the nature of water, transversal in its soft, fluid wearability: it follows the current of urban style, flowing through the seasons without ever changing. The colourful details inside contrast with the natural beige of the jacket, making it perfect for the daily routine in the city.


May 2019, 4 pm

Nature draws the horizon, every glimpse of the sky is a conquest for the eye.